V.I.C. May 24th – 26th, 2023 @ The Ranch [LE Only]


Day 1: Start time 0800 at the Ranch (Classroom and Dry Fire)

Day 2: (Live Fire All Day) Start time 0800 at the Ranch Live – Fire Range

Day 3: Start time 0800 at the Ranch (Classroom, Surveillance, Gear, Search Warrant Planning and Scenarios)

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Vehicle Interdiction Course (V.I.C.):

Holistic Solutions and The Ranch are proud to announce a joint collaborated event for the Texas region.

WHAT: Vehicle Interdiction Course (V.I.C.) is an extensive and high tempo 3 day course. Among the most dangerous activities that American Law enforcement/tactical and patrol units perform as part of their official duties is responding to and rendering assistance in mitigating active and indirect threats posed by VIOLENT FUGITIVES/SUSPECTS, through vehicular and/or mobile operations. These operations pose high risk, but are made increasingly more dangerous when there are not plans or procedures in place.

This course of instruction will be to showcase how investigation units and tactical operations/enforcement teams can work together when the environment mission needs to be adapted on short notice.

WHEN: May 24th – 26th, 2023 Hosted by The Ranch.

WHO: Any ACTIVE/RESERVE Law Enforcement Officer – Credentials needed to be emailed to “c.cooper@holisticsolutionsgroup.com” prior to class.

WHERE: 10700 S Interstate Hwy 35, Dilley, TX 78017


Issued body armor/plate carriers used for Operations/Daily Duty Use

Daily Uniform AND single change of plain clothes.

Flannel Button Down Shirt

Duty Rifle and Duty Pistol with belts and holsters used in daily operations

200 rounds of live rifle ammo

100 rounds of live pistol ammo

Simunition duty rifle BOLTS

Simunition pistols – if available

100 rounds of simunitions (weapon of choice) – NLTA ammunition and weapons can be rented from the Ranch if needed (brand specific). Contact The Ranch staff directly.


Any agency purchasing more than a single slot, contact HSG directly for invoice.


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