[PRIVATE] Night Fighter at FARM Training Center


December 9th – 10th, 2022 – TWO 10+ hour days

Address: The FARM Training Center – Farmington UTAH – (https://www.farmtrainingcenter.com)

[This is private class] – Holistic Solutions Group and GP Armory LLC are bringing NIGHT FIGHTER – 1 Course to SLC-UT. The curriculum covered will be NV theory, practical application, weapon and device understanding/mechanical offsets, zero’ing, and more. Students will be doing Live-Fire movements, shooting, and PID (proper identification) under NV devices.

NIGHT FIGHTER – 1: will require NV capabilites, therefore we’ve teamed up with GP Armory to offer rentals, which will be FIRST COME – FIRST SERVE. Garrett can be reached either by email gparmoryllc@gmail.com or by phone at 816-686-3228. All prices, equipment, and terms and conditions are at GP Armory’s discretion.

Gear and Equipment Needs:

  • 400 rounds of rifle
  • 50 rounds of pistol (more if you prefer pistol to rifle)
  • NV and IR aiming devices (zero’d prior to arrival) – Confirming will occur during initial hour
  • White Light capabilities for all weapon platforms
  • Extra Batteries
  • Chow will be doing medical during lunch break
  • Extra Batteries
  • 8 Green chem sticks
  • NOTE PAD and PEN
  • Camping Chair

Course Focus and Dynamics: 50% classroom/50% shooting

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