High-Rev and Night Fighter Combo – Nov 18th-19th, 2022 – Waynesville, NC


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Waynesville NC is getting a two day combo class. 


High-REV: Statistically, a Use of Force encounter will occur in/around some sort of vehicle. High-Rev is a course designed for Law Enforcement or Civilians to demonstrate principles working in/around urban environments and terrain. This will be a live fire course for students in and around vehicles, barricades, and multiple shooters. 

HINT: Ideal would be to utilize your primary weapon (aka – your CCW weapon). Students are welcome to bring carbines/rifles. Statistics show plain clothes encounters will be fast and utilizing what’s on you now. 

Night Fighter: Designed to demonstrate Night Vision/Low Light capabilities in different terrain/environments. Lots to compress when talking night time encounters. From understanding lighting conditions, the different aspects gear plays in assisting in low light environments, to limitations and real examples of violent encounters all are discussed and worked through during practical live fire drills. 

This will be two classes, two days – one price. 

Packing list (1 list for both classes):

600 rounds of primary weapon

150 rounds of secondary weapon

All manner of weapon and hand held lights with adequate batteries.

Night Vision Devices and batteries. 

Proper CCW gear (holsters, magazine storage, and medical/IFAK gear)

Carbine should be sighted prior to class but zero’s will be confirmed – slings are a must. 

Camping chair

Note pad/note taking items. 


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